Dr. Jones? ... "Yes?"

Don't think this one didn't take some time. Here he is - the world's favourite archaeologist, Indiana Jones. Hope y'all likes!
Pencil, Sharpie


Hawksley Workman

A new post before Christmas!
Here's one of two portraits I have been hoping to get done before Christmas. I had today off which finally afforded me some time to get down to work. Here he is (I was about due for another one), Hawksley Workman. I may need to retouch this portrait sometime - I don't feel like there's enough of any shading on the right side of his face. I'll leave it for now.
Hope y'all likes!
Pencil, sharpie


Cary Grant

My latest portrait and my submission to the Nipissing University fund raiser taking place this November 30th, 2007 up at the school. One of my favourite actors, Mr. Cary Grant, from such films as An Affair to Remember (my favourite), Indiscreet and North by Northwest.
Pencil, sharpie.


James Hetfield

One of the most bad-ass dudes in metal, Mr. James Hetfield. My source picture was one of him in his transition haircut between the late eighties and the nineties. I decided to tweak it a little and give him a less pouffy haircut and a little more clean-cut beard. Hope y'all likes!
Pencil, pen, sharpie.


Dave Grohl

Lead singer for the Foo Fighters and ex-drummer for Nirvana, Dave Grohl! =)


The Good - Redone

Well, here he is! I was disappointed with my original drawing of Clint Eastwood - I ended up giving him a nose that was slightly askew. As a result, I endeavoured to do the entire drawing over again in order to make the necessary corrections. I believe I succeeded and am finally happy with this drawing. Hope y'all likes!
Pencil, pen, sharpie.


Jack Sparrow

Well, I tried. I still feel like there is something off about it but it will do for now.
Pencil, Pen, Sharpie



Quick little sketch of Gerard Way - lead singer of My Chemical Romance.
Pencil, pen, sharpie. Hope y'all likes!



Brody Dalle from The Distillers.


Jimi - S'cuse Me While I Kiss the Sky!

Here's a quick lil' sketch of the one and only Jimi Hendrix! The first drawing for the first theme of the new weekly sketch blog my friends and I are starting up. The first theme was "sky," hence the title of this blog entry. This is the black and white version. To see the version I toyed with, head over to The Weekly Work! Enjoy! =)


The Thriller

Michael Jackson's Thriller as done by me =D. I'm actually quite pleased with this drawing, especially the three zombies up the left hand side and all the zombie hands curled into Thriller dancing position.



Newest drawing based on Metallica's "Fuel." Been wanting to do a drawing of this song for a while and finally got the inspiration this weekend. Enjoy!


Joy - Finished

The finished product of my drawing based on the song "Joy" by Against Me!