Saints & Warlords PAGE XIII

That's right folks - as the first chapter of our story comes to a close, the second chapter begins! On PAGE THIRTEEN, whoo! Finally we can get around to introducing the other gang in our title, the Almighty Warlords - a nasty bunch of beer-swillin', chain-smokin', fight-startin'-and-endin', dirty-mouthed, dirty-minded, dirty denim-covered, rough and ready low-lifes. And to add to that, let's just say that these guys won't be battling werewolves...

As usual, here is this week's preview panel. To see the full page, simply click on the image below.
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Saints & Warlords Page 12!

We're half way through! And it just keeps gettin' better. Here's this week's preview panel - as usual, to see the full page simply click on the image below.

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North Bay Zombie Walk 2009 + Halloween Redo

Well, the first annual North Bay Zombie Walk was more than a complete success! We had around 80 people turn out in full zombie gore and makeup - almost triple what my friend and I were expecting! A big thanks to everyone who came - they made the event the success that it was. Even the zombie monologues went well!

What's cooler is that not only were we covered by the local media, but I made it into the paper as a zombie!!! w00t! That's me on the left there with the blood all down my front. My parents will be so proud...