Zombie Portraits - Lindsey & Sean

Two new zombie portrait commissions - one of Lindsey and one of my good friend, Sean. Lindsey's eyes looked so nice in the reference picture that I figured at least one should be gouged out, and Sean's an academic so he really does love you for your BRAIINS!!! Click the images for a better view.
If you would like to see yourself or a friend become zombified, email me! The price is $40.00 each for a 9x12, or $25.00 for a 4x6. A standard $5.00 shipping fee applies to all orders - all the money goes toward helping me get Dreadful to Longbeach Comicon in October, 2011. More inforation HERE! (Or click the link in the sidebar).


Look Straight Ahead

Hi folks! While you're helping me out (*nudge nudge*), also take the time to stop and help out a friend of a friend of mine. Elaine Will does her own local comic book in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and it was recently nominated for a Shuster Award! Stop by her blog or her main page for details and to view the comic! Here's a quick taste - enjoy!


Ottawa Small-Press Book Fair

Successful Saturday at the Ottawa Small-Press Book Fair! The fair was held at the Jack Purcell community centre between noon and 5pm on Saturday, June 25th and there was actually quite a good turnout! Here are a couple of shots - the first is me with my good pal, Sean Moreland. Sean was selling copies of his book, Postscripts to Darkness (for which I did two illustrations), as well as a couple of his other independently published works.
The second picture is me with Jesse Dangerously - co-founder of the "nerdcore" hip-hop movement along with MC Frontalot and MC Chris. Amazingly friendly guy - it was a pleasure meeting him.



Brave Astronaut Album Cover 2

Here are the finished images for the newest album coming soon from Brave Astronaut. I was asked to draw the band fighting off hordes of angry, sixties-style robots in an apocalyptic landscape. I'm happy to report that they were stoked with the way it all turned out. I created the image on 11x17 paper, which also gives them the option of using it for a poster. Here are samples of what the poster and album cover will look like - with and without the logo - as well as the original finished line-art.



Vampirella Preview

Here are eight out of the thirty-one cards I did for the Vampirella sketch-card set - coming soon from Breygent Marketing. Hope ya digs!