Just a quick post to let all you good people out there know that page 2 of Saints & Warlords is up for your conitnued viewing pleasure. Written by Stephen Lindsay of Jesus Hates Zombies fame and drawn by yours truly, the posted pages are now also featuring the colour stylings of Alex Alderete! I hope you dig what we continue to put out. Here's a taste of this weeks' page - click on the image below to see more.


Page One of Saints & Warlords is UP!!!

That's right, everyone! Page one of the new webcomic Saints & Warlords is now up for your viewing pleasure. It's written by Jesus Hates Zombies creator Stephen Lindsay and is drawn by ME! To see page one in it's entirety, simply click on the image or follow this link.

Name Drop!

I owe a lot of thanks to Stephen Lindsay - not only for being such a great guy to work with but, moreover, for giving me the chance to start my career in comics. Right now, I thank him for dropping my name in a recent interview with Fistfight at the Arthouse. While it wasn't done to highlight me specifically (obviously), it's still pretty cool to get someone as big as Lindsay to say "yeah, I'm workin' with this dude right here (among others)."

See? Proof!

To check out the full interview with Stephen Lindsay about Jesus Hates Zombies, and to hear all about his other upcoming projects, check out this link to Fistfight At the Arthouse: Interview.


Zombie Flash

At last, a fast moving zombie true zombie fans can't argue against. Plus Black Flash.


theHorde is HERE!!!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen - theHorde has finally arrived and is ready for sale! Here are a couple of sample shots of the zombie goodness that lies within each box. Each set includes 10 Horde magnets - each a secret within its own little pouch - a special, hand-painted magnet, and a hand-painted collectable wooden box! Get yours while supplies last - they will be available soon for sale on the Dead and Living It website but in the meantime we are taking orders! To visit the newly-launched Dead and Living It website, simply click on the banner below!



Click on the link!!!


Canadian Zombies & HEADSHOT!

As I was saying before, at the Anime Festival in Oshawa my buddy, Clayton, was launching his new business - Canadian Zombies! The organization is designed to promote zombie awareness and prepare people for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You can visit their website to get more information by clicking on any of the links I've posted. Most of them show up as Canadian Zombies. I had a table next to his and was also helping to promote the organization - particularly as I had a hand in creating what we had hoped would be a key piece of merchandise - Headshot! The Book of Awesome Zombie Goodness. Originally it was created to be marketed as an adult zombie colouring book so, if you get your hands on one, feel free to colour in your favourite images and email your finished submissions to the Canadian Zombies website where they will be posted... eventually.

In case you hadn't heard of the book, here are a few pics for you to see just what it is you're missing. For ordering information, please contact the friendly staff over at the Canadian Zombies website!

The Cover

A preview of what's inside...


I almost forgot! The mug!!!
Now that you're salivating over all this awesome zombie goodness, head over to the Canadian Zombies website and order yourself up some awesome Canadian Zombie merch!!!