OMEGA Page 1 Pencils

It's the secret little project I've been working on that, apparantly, is to be a secret no more! Hooray! Now that it's done, I can finally show you the pencils for page one of Omega.

The story is currently being developed as a comic book and, all going well, is to be adapted into a television series. At the moment, that is all I know and am allowed to share.

At any rate, I hope you dig the first page and that it peaks your interest - leaving wanting to see what comes next.

Hope ya dig it!

(Here's the first version - before the necessary corrections were made):


Worth It

Thanks very much to Adam - owner of Heroic Dreams comic shop in Pickering, Ontario - for inviting me to draw at his grand opening this past weekend! I'm glad he dug my work enough to invite and, again, thank very much for comics. While I didn't sell much, it was worth it just to sit there, get some inking done and get the word out about Saints & Warlords.

That's right, "Artist Extraordinaire"!

Adam with a print of page one of Saints & Warlords

A customer by the name of Gary with a print of page one of Saints & Warlords

Check out the Heroic Dreams website!!!


Page Six of Saints & Warlords + I'm Drawing at a Comic Shop Opening!

First, here is your weekly update on Saints & Warlords - just to let you all know that PAGE SIX is up for your viewing pleasure. I hope you're all enjoying it so far! There was a nice healthy dose of violence for you on page five and it only gets better as we go along (just wait until page SEVEN!)

As usual, here is this weeks' preview panel. To see the full page, simply click on the image below. I hope you dig it!

Second, for any of you living in Ontario, Canada - specifically in the GTA region - I will be drawing and selling my wares at the grand opening of the Heroic Dreams comic shop at 1211 Kingston Road in Pickering. I will be there from approx. 10:30am until 3:30pm on Saturday, September 26th.

Original black and white sketches will be $15.00 each and come with a free print of your choice, and colour sketches will be $20.00 each and come with TWO free prints of your choice. I will also have for sale copies of Headshot! and a limited number of prints of PAGE ONE of Saints & Warlords.

Hope to see you there!


Saints & Warlords Pg 5 Preview!

I can't believe we're on page 5 already! I just keep getting more and more excited as the weeks go by because it means BRAND SPANKIN' NEW CONTENT IS POSTED!!! I just uber-stoked to see my finished work up online and I feel pretty damn lucky to be working with a dude like Mr. Stephen Lindsay. Here's a preview panel for this weeks' page. To see the page in its entirety, simply click on the image below! I hope ya digs!


Saints & Warlords Page 4 Preview

I am more than pleased to announce that page FOUR of Saints & Warlords is now up for your viewing pleasure. I'm super excited about this page simply because IT'S ONE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!! I'm working on the next set of pages right now but, in the meantime, I hope you dig this one. To see the full page, simply click on the image below.


You May Kiss the Bride...

Another one for the zombie wedding series. This will actually be appearing in the gallery in May not October. Worth the wait, though. :)

I thought it would be hilarious to have her eating his face as he goes in for the big kiss. A friend of mine commented when I brought up the original idea saying "aw, poetic!"

Hope ya digs!


The Newly-Deads

Just one in a series I'm working on for an upcoming gallery show / Halloween party in Colorado in October. The theme is a zombie wedding. Don't they just look so happy?


Fan Expo 2009! Whoo!

August 29th - 30th, 2009 were AWESOME. I got to spend them walking around Fan Expo 2009 in Toronto - giddy as a nerd in a comic shop. I got to meet some great artists and celebrities and get a few things signed. Fantastic. For more pictures from Fan Expo, simply click HERE and HERE!

Otherwise, here's a taste of the weekend's awesomeness:

Bruce Campbell SIGNING MY T-SHIRT!

Me with Dr. Kim Paffenroth - author of Gospel of the Living Dead. He signed my copy.

Me and Jenn with Lloyd Kauffman - founder of TROMA. He signed my copy of The Toxic Avenger!

Me with Agnes Garbowska - artist and author of You, Me & Zombie. She signed my copy.

Me with Max Brooks - author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. He signed my survival guide and poster.

Me with Ivan Reis - penciller for Green Lantern: Blackest Night. He signed my copies 0 - 2.

Me with Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada - he signed my copy of Daredevil no. 1

Me with Bill Sienkiewicz - industry legend. I won a signed Hellboy sketch by him!

The greatest picture of Leonard Nemoy EVER:

There was tonnes more cool stuff to see so head on over to the galleries right now! You can find links for them on the right hand side of the main page here. Hope ya digs!