Stanton Street Saints Page 1 Preview!!!

Check this out, ladies and gentlemen! I am more than proud to announce that I, Mark Slater, am currently in partnership with Stephen Lindsay (creator of Jesus Hates Zombies) on his newest comic, "Stanton Street Saints / Almighty Warlords." I'm not sure how much more I'm allowed to say. This is special preview of page 1! Hope y'all digs!

Art by Me
Written & Lettered by Stephen Lindsay


Eustace Tilley Contest

The New Yorker is inviting all artists to reinvent their classic, first ever, Eustace Tilley cover. This is my submission to said contest. I figured I would go with something I did not see anyone else had thought of. More on the contest here: 2009 Eustace Tilley Contest.

Hey look! My humble submission is up on the website. Sadly I did not anticipate the sizing of the image. Ohwell. I'm just stoked that I can say I submitted something to The New Yorker.

SFG: Magic

For the Sugar Frosted Goodness theme of "Magic." Andrew and Kyle, I hope ya like it.


Life Drawing 1, 2009 - Finished

Well, here it is! The finished product.

Life Drawing - Jan 12th, 2009

Went to a life drawing class last night at the Kennedy Gallery here in North Bay. It was fantastic to finally get out and draw as part of a class again. Click images for better view.