Saints & Warlords: PAGE EIGHTEEN!!!

That's right folks - it's gettin' down to the wire now. Only six more pages to go before the end of our story and, now, suddenly, IT'S TAKEN ANOTHER SHOCKING TURN!! Who will live, who will die!? You'll just have to check out this week's page to find out. Below is this week's preview panel - simply click on the image to see the full page. Stephen and I would love to hear from you and know what you think about S&W, so feel free to drop us a line - either shoot me an email or leave a comment at the bottom of the S&W page. Thanks for lookin'!


Saints and Warlords: Page 17 is Now Posted!

Here is this week's preview panel - simply click on the image above to see all the blood soaked goodness of page seventeen of Saints and Warlords, NOW UP FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE!!!

Dexter Morgan

I love this show. I've been wanting to draw Michael C. Hall (as Dexter Morgan) for a while now and, yesterday, I finally stopped and took the time to finish this portrait. Hope ya dig it!


Dauntless: Page 1

Well, I finally got 'round to finishing this page - I've been promising to get it done for ages now and I thought it was about time. Behold, page one of a work-in-progress comic project a friend of mine has written. I'm not currently at liberty to divulge much information, so all I shall say for now is that it is called "Dauntless" and it has quite a bit to do with the whole "journeying to the New World" kinda thing. Hope ya dig it!


Saints & Warlords: Pages 14, 15 and 16!

Geez, I'm fallin' behind in this! Here are the preview panels for pages fourteen, fifteen and sixteen of Saints & Warlords. Hope ya dig 'em! There's getting to be lots more violence and gore in store so keep checkin' back every week as our story develops.

As usual, these are preview panels - to see the full pages, simply click on the images above.


Saints & Warlords PAGE XIII

That's right folks - as the first chapter of our story comes to a close, the second chapter begins! On PAGE THIRTEEN, whoo! Finally we can get around to introducing the other gang in our title, the Almighty Warlords - a nasty bunch of beer-swillin', chain-smokin', fight-startin'-and-endin', dirty-mouthed, dirty-minded, dirty denim-covered, rough and ready low-lifes. And to add to that, let's just say that these guys won't be battling werewolves...

As usual, here is this week's preview panel. To see the full page, simply click on the image below.
Be sure and stop by the site to let us know what you think of Saints & Warlords - Stephen and I would love to hear what you have to say! Hope ya digs!


Saints & Warlords Page 12!

We're half way through! And it just keeps gettin' better. Here's this week's preview panel - as usual, to see the full page simply click on the image below.

Feel free to share your comments - Stephen and I would love to hear from you.


North Bay Zombie Walk 2009 + Halloween Redo

Well, the first annual North Bay Zombie Walk was more than a complete success! We had around 80 people turn out in full zombie gore and makeup - almost triple what my friend and I were expecting! A big thanks to everyone who came - they made the event the success that it was. Even the zombie monologues went well!

What's cooler is that not only were we covered by the local media, but I made it into the paper as a zombie!!! w00t! That's me on the left there with the blood all down my front. My parents will be so proud...


Happy Halloween!!!

Here ya go! Just in time for Halloween - my "happy halloween" picture for this year. Actually a response to an online friend's drawing. Hope ya digs!

This year's Jack-O-Lanterns!


Saints & Warlords Page 11

It's finally here!!! One of my most favourite pages to draw - just cause it's so damn, wonderfully gory. Page ELEVEN of Saints & Warlords is now up for your viewing pleasure. As usual, here's this week's preview panel. To see the full page, simply click on the image below. Hope ya digs!

Some of the gory awesomeness might be a little lost in the colouring so you'll just have to wait until the book is in print. Just my opinion.


Omega Page 3

Et voila, page three of Omega - all done and pencilled. I've still got two more pages to do but those have yet to be assigned. Hope ya dig this one - I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Forgive the empty space below and beside panel one - it's space left for titles/credits.

Panel 1 took ages - I got the girl (Omega) just how I wanted her and then had to leave it for a while because I just couldn't get Rutgers (the other character) quite right behind her. I also had a teensie bit of trouble with panel 2, as I had to make her look as though she was passing out (not falling asleep!) At any rate, I'm pleased with the outcome, so is other artist and, as long the client is happy, I'm happy.
Hope ya digs!


BA Album Cover - Version 1

As I may have mentioned, I'm currently working on the album cover for a North Bay band by the name of Brave Astronaut. Here is the first version of the front cover design (the image has since been redone to reduce the size of the space girl's breasts, the background has been changed, and her ray gun has been made to look less... phallic.) The new version will be posted once the album is released.

To check out Brave Astronaut and to hear some samples of their sweet-ass music, simply click on the image below and let 'em know what you think!


Omega Page 2 Redo

Had to redo the third panel of this page. I think it looks better now.


Safe & Sound Peview

Here are the first two pages of a zombie comic I'm working on to be submitted into an anthology in November. Hope you like 'em! Your comments are welcome so please feel free to let me know what you think. Cheers!

Saints & Warlords Page TEN!!!

That's right, folks! We've finally reached page TEN of Saints & Warlords! I hope you're digging it so far cause there's fourteen more pages left to go!! Here is this week's preview panel - as always, to see the full page simply click on the image below. Your comments are more than welcome and we'd love to know what you think!


Saints & Warlords Page 9 + New Zombie Walk Poster!

Hi folks! A quick weekly update to let you all know that page nine of Saints & Warlords is now up for your viewing pleasure! We're starting to see a lot of bad-ass Saints vs. werewolf action, and it only gets better! Here's this week's preview panel - as usual, to see the full page simply click on the image below. Hope ya digs!

Also, if you happen to live in Ontario, Canada, don't forget to check out the North Bay Zombie Walk and Night of the Zombie monologues - all happening on October 30th, starting at 6pm at the North Bay bus terminal! For more information, check out the new flyer (below - image by me) or visit the Canadian Zombies website. Just click on the flyer!


Saints & Warlords Page 8!

At last, page 8 of Saints & Warlords is up for your viewing pleasure. This page is particularly awesome as it introduces a new... character. Yes, character, we'll go with that. As usual, here is this week's preview panel - to see the full page, simply click on the image below! Hope ya dig it!

North Bay Zombie Walk & Night of the Zombie Monologues

For anyone living in the North Bay / Parry Sound / Nipissing area, on Friday October 30th, Canadian Zombies will be hosting the First Annual North Bay Zombie Walk. The walk will start at 6pm at the North Bay bus station.
The evening will end at the White Water Gallery on Main Street with Night of the Zombie Monologues! You must be dressed as a zombie to get in. For more information, check out the Canadian Zombies website or check out the nifty little poster I designed (below).

I decided to have a little fun with it - seeing as how it's advertising "Night of the Zombie Monologues, I decided to copy the "Vagina Monologues" poster. Hope ya dig it!


Saints & Warlords Page SEVEN!!!

Woot! Finally, page SEVEN of Saints & Warlords is up for your viewing pleasure. I'm stoked at being able to announce this page - particularly because it's just so damn, wonderfully ultra-violent!
Hope ya digs!

Here's the preview panel; to see the full page, click on the image below!


OMEGA Page 1 Pencils

It's the secret little project I've been working on that, apparantly, is to be a secret no more! Hooray! Now that it's done, I can finally show you the pencils for page one of Omega.

The story is currently being developed as a comic book and, all going well, is to be adapted into a television series. At the moment, that is all I know and am allowed to share.

At any rate, I hope you dig the first page and that it peaks your interest - leaving wanting to see what comes next.

Hope ya dig it!

(Here's the first version - before the necessary corrections were made):


Worth It

Thanks very much to Adam - owner of Heroic Dreams comic shop in Pickering, Ontario - for inviting me to draw at his grand opening this past weekend! I'm glad he dug my work enough to invite and, again, thank very much for comics. While I didn't sell much, it was worth it just to sit there, get some inking done and get the word out about Saints & Warlords.

That's right, "Artist Extraordinaire"!

Adam with a print of page one of Saints & Warlords

A customer by the name of Gary with a print of page one of Saints & Warlords

Check out the Heroic Dreams website!!!


Page Six of Saints & Warlords + I'm Drawing at a Comic Shop Opening!

First, here is your weekly update on Saints & Warlords - just to let you all know that PAGE SIX is up for your viewing pleasure. I hope you're all enjoying it so far! There was a nice healthy dose of violence for you on page five and it only gets better as we go along (just wait until page SEVEN!)

As usual, here is this weeks' preview panel. To see the full page, simply click on the image below. I hope you dig it!

Second, for any of you living in Ontario, Canada - specifically in the GTA region - I will be drawing and selling my wares at the grand opening of the Heroic Dreams comic shop at 1211 Kingston Road in Pickering. I will be there from approx. 10:30am until 3:30pm on Saturday, September 26th.

Original black and white sketches will be $15.00 each and come with a free print of your choice, and colour sketches will be $20.00 each and come with TWO free prints of your choice. I will also have for sale copies of Headshot! and a limited number of prints of PAGE ONE of Saints & Warlords.

Hope to see you there!


Saints & Warlords Pg 5 Preview!

I can't believe we're on page 5 already! I just keep getting more and more excited as the weeks go by because it means BRAND SPANKIN' NEW CONTENT IS POSTED!!! I just uber-stoked to see my finished work up online and I feel pretty damn lucky to be working with a dude like Mr. Stephen Lindsay. Here's a preview panel for this weeks' page. To see the page in its entirety, simply click on the image below! I hope ya digs!


Saints & Warlords Page 4 Preview

I am more than pleased to announce that page FOUR of Saints & Warlords is now up for your viewing pleasure. I'm super excited about this page simply because IT'S ONE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!! I'm working on the next set of pages right now but, in the meantime, I hope you dig this one. To see the full page, simply click on the image below.


You May Kiss the Bride...

Another one for the zombie wedding series. This will actually be appearing in the gallery in May not October. Worth the wait, though. :)

I thought it would be hilarious to have her eating his face as he goes in for the big kiss. A friend of mine commented when I brought up the original idea saying "aw, poetic!"

Hope ya digs!


The Newly-Deads

Just one in a series I'm working on for an upcoming gallery show / Halloween party in Colorado in October. The theme is a zombie wedding. Don't they just look so happy?


Fan Expo 2009! Whoo!

August 29th - 30th, 2009 were AWESOME. I got to spend them walking around Fan Expo 2009 in Toronto - giddy as a nerd in a comic shop. I got to meet some great artists and celebrities and get a few things signed. Fantastic. For more pictures from Fan Expo, simply click HERE and HERE!

Otherwise, here's a taste of the weekend's awesomeness:

Bruce Campbell SIGNING MY T-SHIRT!

Me with Dr. Kim Paffenroth - author of Gospel of the Living Dead. He signed my copy.

Me and Jenn with Lloyd Kauffman - founder of TROMA. He signed my copy of The Toxic Avenger!

Me with Agnes Garbowska - artist and author of You, Me & Zombie. She signed my copy.

Me with Max Brooks - author of The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z. He signed my survival guide and poster.

Me with Ivan Reis - penciller for Green Lantern: Blackest Night. He signed my copies 0 - 2.

Me with Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada - he signed my copy of Daredevil no. 1

Me with Bill Sienkiewicz - industry legend. I won a signed Hellboy sketch by him!

The greatest picture of Leonard Nemoy EVER:

There was tonnes more cool stuff to see so head on over to the galleries right now! You can find links for them on the right hand side of the main page here. Hope ya digs!



Just a quick post to let all you good people out there know that page 2 of Saints & Warlords is up for your conitnued viewing pleasure. Written by Stephen Lindsay of Jesus Hates Zombies fame and drawn by yours truly, the posted pages are now also featuring the colour stylings of Alex Alderete! I hope you dig what we continue to put out. Here's a taste of this weeks' page - click on the image below to see more.


Page One of Saints & Warlords is UP!!!

That's right, everyone! Page one of the new webcomic Saints & Warlords is now up for your viewing pleasure. It's written by Jesus Hates Zombies creator Stephen Lindsay and is drawn by ME! To see page one in it's entirety, simply click on the image or follow this link.

Name Drop!

I owe a lot of thanks to Stephen Lindsay - not only for being such a great guy to work with but, moreover, for giving me the chance to start my career in comics. Right now, I thank him for dropping my name in a recent interview with Fistfight at the Arthouse. While it wasn't done to highlight me specifically (obviously), it's still pretty cool to get someone as big as Lindsay to say "yeah, I'm workin' with this dude right here (among others)."

See? Proof!

To check out the full interview with Stephen Lindsay about Jesus Hates Zombies, and to hear all about his other upcoming projects, check out this link to Fistfight At the Arthouse: Interview.


Zombie Flash

At last, a fast moving zombie true zombie fans can't argue against. Plus Black Flash.


theHorde is HERE!!!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen - theHorde has finally arrived and is ready for sale! Here are a couple of sample shots of the zombie goodness that lies within each box. Each set includes 10 Horde magnets - each a secret within its own little pouch - a special, hand-painted magnet, and a hand-painted collectable wooden box! Get yours while supplies last - they will be available soon for sale on the Dead and Living It website but in the meantime we are taking orders! To visit the newly-launched Dead and Living It website, simply click on the banner below!



Click on the link!!!