I'm "Breaking News"!!!

Check it out! I did an interview with the local paper - the North Bay Nugget - today;  getting a little exposure on the comic scene before I head off to FanExpo next week. Special thanks to Maria Calabrese for taking the time interview me! Click the image below to see the full article. The article along with featured images will run in the Monday edition of The Nugget.


Goin' to FanExpo!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, as you know I will be at FanExpo in Toronto - August 27th to 29th. While I have been boasting that, at the table, I will have for sale copies of the first issues of Saints & Warlords and Dreadful, I can finally prove it: as of yesterday, both books have officially gone to print! Here is what you can look for at the table.

Saints & Warlords, naturally, was written by Stephen Lindsay of Jesus Hates Zombies fame; Dreadful is a full-length, fourty-page book featuring three short stories - two by me and one by the great Lance Sawyer. Both books will be $5.00 flat and, if I may say so, are well worth the coin. I will also have copies of Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders issue 1 featuring the banner I did inside. If anyone is interested in ordering a copy, please contact me at slatermark33[at]hotmail[dot]com - I will put one aside for you and have it signed by myself and Lance after the con. We hope to see you at FanExpo!


Here are the five cards I did for the Steve4Mod from 5Finity. I'm really stoked with how the Green Goblin and Marv cards turned out.


It's All Comin' Together!

Check it out! The official floor-plan for FanExpo has been released and YOU CAN SEE WHERE LANCE AND I WILL HAVE OUR TABLE!!! We will be at table A126 - there you can find artist exclusive sketch-cards, copies of Saints & Warlords and Dreadful #1, as well as original prints and sketches! Come check us out - we'd love to see you. Click on the image for a larger view. Can you believe it!? We're right in the middle!!!


A Dream Come True

Check it out, boys and girls - a dream has finally come true! I was recently invited to work on the Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters sketch-card series, coming soon from Topps/LucasArts. I will be doing 100 cards for this series and I am friggin' stoked! At last I get to to work on an official Star Wars series!