SFG Garbage

The garbage I come up with when I'm bored at work - a whole lotta zombies. Click to enlarge & see if you can identify all the different types of zombies as well as who a couple of them are. Hope y'all digs!


Happy Easter - Jesus Hates Zombies

I know they all might look the same but the taglines are all different - I couldn't
decide on just one. This was made as a
tribute to / Easter present for Stephen
Lindsay - creator of Jesus Hates Zombies. I thought it might be fun to design a movie poster.


Harvey Milk

I'll admit, before the film I had never heard of the man named Harvey Milk, and seeing his story as played by Sean Penn is what inspired me to do this portrait. From what I've looked up, Harvey truly was an inspirational human being. What is most heartbreaking to realise, is that all he was really fighting for was the right to be human.

"Ya gotta give 'em hope." - Harvey Milk