Golden Age of Comics: Heroes & Villains

Check it out! Here are the 20 sketch cards I just finished for the Golden Age of Comics: Heroes & Villains series being released soon from Breygent Marketing. My personal favourites include: "Atoman," "Black Cobra," "Black Orchid," "Black Phantom," "Captain Combat," "Madame Satan," "Mr. Monster," "The Raven," and the "Spy Smasher." ...and maybe "American Eagle" but only because he's punching a pirate. Hope ya digs!


First Wizard World Toronto Comicon Sketch!

Have a gander at this!...
I spent this past weekend (March 26th - 28th, 2009) at the first ever Wizard World Comicon in Toronto with my buddy Ken Wheaton. Ken had a table (he draws for Popeye and The Simpsons) and invited me down to hang out with him! I had a great time and I owe Ken a lot - it was a really nifty experience being on the other side of the table. What I really enjoyed though was this (see image below) - a grade 8 kid walked up to the table and asked Ken, "will you draw me as a Simpsons character?" Ken said, "No, I'm not allowed... but he'll draw you as a zombie!"  The kid looked pretty stoked so I drew him as a zombie. Here is the end result:

Not bad for a 10 minute sketch, if I do say so myself! Fortunately the kid really liked it. Before he left, he also asked Ken and I, "how can I learn to draw like you guys?" The only things Ken and I could think of to say were "I filled twelve sketch books in my five years of high school; never stop drawing." He seemed happy with that. If you see this, I hope you still dig the sketch, dude!


Damsels & Dinosaurs!

Check it out! Here are the 30 sketch cards I finished for the Damsels & Dinosaurs series being released in May, 2010 by SadLittles. Stay tuned - more to come; I've got two other sets to finish for SadLittles as well as one set each or 5Finity and Breygent Media. Hope ya dig 'em!

Saints & Warlords PAGE! TWENTY! FOUR!!!

Check it out, boys and girls: page 24 of Saints & Warlords is NOW POSTED for your viewing pleasure!!! It took a little while but it's finally up! As usual, here is this week's preview panel; simply click on the image below to see the full page.

Regarding future pages: In talking with Stephen Lindsay recently, it seems that an indie publisher has expressed an interest in putting out Saints & Warlords as a quarterly (four part) release, 32-page-each series. While that is great news for us, it means that there will be a slight delay in the posting of further pages - Stephen still has to write 'em and I still has to draw them. Also, on a related note, our colourist, Alex Alderete, has informed us that he cannot continue with the project. The hunt for a new colourist continues.

We apologise to all our fans for the delay but we hope that you will stay with us - after all, you're the reason we do what we do. Your continued patronage, enthusiasm and fandom so far has been greatly appreciated. Stay tuned to this blog for future updates!


Saints & Warlords Page 23!!! We're almost there!

Check it out, ladies and gentlemen! We are almost there!!! Page 23 of Saints & Warlords is now posted for your viewing pleasure. Only one more page to go and we will have completely finished issue 1!!!

Here is this week's preview panel - as always, simply click on the image to check out the page.

Hope ya digs!


Late Update - Saints & Warlords Page 21 and 22 UP NOW!!!

Sorry for the delay, ladies and gents. Just a quick update to let you know that Pages 21 and 22 of Saints and Warlords are NOW UP for your viewing pleasure! The first part of our story is coming to a close - not long now before you'll be able to order THE BOOK IN PRINT!!! Stay tuned because I've got some news that will make you want to pick up a copy even MORE!

In the meantime, here are this week's preview panels! As always, simply click on the images to access their respective pages. Hope ya digs!


On the Wall at Comic Evolution!

Check it out, ladies and gentlemen - I'm finally up on the wall at Comic Evolution in Puyallup, Washington. I've been meaning to get around to finishing this piece for a while now and, a week and a half a go, I finally did. I'm really glad Chuck (the owner) liked the piece; the vitruvian man is Comic Evolution's mascot and I've been promising Chuck I'd draw up a v-man for him since before Christmas. About the piece, Chuck commented: "It is beautiful...and more up my tree than all the superhero shit :)"
I'm really glad he digs it.

Here's a digital copy of the original finished product: