Saints & Warlords PAGE! TWENTY! FOUR!!!

Check it out, boys and girls: page 24 of Saints & Warlords is NOW POSTED for your viewing pleasure!!! It took a little while but it's finally up! As usual, here is this week's preview panel; simply click on the image below to see the full page.

Regarding future pages: In talking with Stephen Lindsay recently, it seems that an indie publisher has expressed an interest in putting out Saints & Warlords as a quarterly (four part) release, 32-page-each series. While that is great news for us, it means that there will be a slight delay in the posting of further pages - Stephen still has to write 'em and I still has to draw them. Also, on a related note, our colourist, Alex Alderete, has informed us that he cannot continue with the project. The hunt for a new colourist continues.

We apologise to all our fans for the delay but we hope that you will stay with us - after all, you're the reason we do what we do. Your continued patronage, enthusiasm and fandom so far has been greatly appreciated. Stay tuned to this blog for future updates!

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