Alex, Cris and Max - The Undead

Three recently completed zombie portrait commissions - Alex, Max and Alex & Cris. These were lots of fun to create, especially Max. I decided he should be missing part of his bottom jaw; that his tongue should loll slightly out of his gaping neck hole. Hope ya digs; more comin'!



Blood and Glory Samples

Here are my sample submissions for the Blood and Glory sketch card set, coming soon from Asylum Studios. I managed to get these in by Friday's submission deadline and am eagerly waiting to find out whether I will be selected as a contributing artist. These cards are up for grabs - make an offer!

Graphic Design 2 - Project 2 (Finished)

Behold - the finished fruits of my lengthy labours! Here are parts one and two of my second project for Graphic Design 2. It was a long slog but my efforts paid off in the end and I'm very happy with the results. Hope ya digs! Click on the images to see full versions.


Graphic Design 2 - Project 2 (Proofs)

While, technically, this is not the final end product to this assignment, I felt compelled to post my progress. These to documents are what have been keeping me occupied for the past week. They took forever but, what can I say - I like to be creative. Hope ya digs; more comin'!



Sketch Challenge - Mars Attacks

Squeaked this one in just under the wire! Here's my finished doodle for this week's Ten Ton Studios sketch challenge, "Mars Attacks!" Hope ya digs!


Most of Matt & Ariel

Matt commissioned me to draw him and his girlfriend Ariel as zombies - it's his Valentines' Day gift to her. What an awesome couple. Happy Valentine's Day! =)

15 Minutes

Quick sketch done for the stimulateCREATE sketch challenge, "15 Minutes".



Here's my finished drawing for last week's stimulateCREATE sketch challenge, "Aliens". We had free range to draw whatever sort of alien we want but, naturally, I went with the Xenomorph. Hope ya digs; more comin'!