Personal Sketch-Cards: Available for Commission!

Hi everyone! Just a heads-up - I have officially ordered my personal sketch-cards. They will be ready on June 24th, 2010 but, for all those that are interested, I can start taking commission requests immediately! They're in limited supply though so get yours before they're gone! Only $25.00 each - see my profile for contact information. Here is a preview of what the backs of them will look like.


MixTape Preview

Here it is, my preview card for the MixTape set, coming soon from 5Finity and headed up by the one-and-only Jim Mahfood. I did 25 cards for this set but, until July 15th, I can only show you one. I stayed up all night on June 14th listening to the Beat Bee sessions to get these cards finished. I wish I could show you more because I'm stoked with how this set turned out.
Jim Mahfood and Jane Dope's Beat Bee Sessions


Dreamers of Darkness Commission 1!

Check it out - my first ever official sketch card commissions! These two were done for an awesome dude in Minnesota; he requested a Yeti and a Mothman and, I'm proud to say, he really liked what I came up with! This means I only have EIGHT (8) Dreamers of Darkness return cards left for commission so shoot me an email if you're interested - only $25.00 each!