Illustration Friday - "Round"

Continuing with the theme of getting back into weekly sketch-blog challenges, here is my submission for last week's Illustration Friday topic, "Round". It's "Short Round" from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! Hope ya digs!


Art Jumble - Walking Dead

I decided it was high-time I got back into the weekly challenges of the sketch-blogs I'm a part of; what better topic to start off on than Art Jumble "Walking Dead"? Here's my submission: Rick Grimes (TV version). Hope ya digs!


Jack-O-Lanterns 2011

This year's pumpkins! The one on the left is based on jack-o-lantern from Trick 'r Treat; the one on the right is based on the jack-o-lantern from the opening credits of John Carpenter's original Halloween.

Paradise Comics Signing Pics

So, on October 29th, 2011 I was at Paradise Comics in Toronto for my first ever signing - it was a good time! Special thanks again to Doug for arranging the whole thing, as well as to Marvin Law and DK for the chatter. Sold some books, had a few laughs, and did a couple of sketchs; see you next time!


31 Days of Halloween 2011 - October 16th to 20th

Still going! More from my 31 Days of Halloween 2011 series - October 16th to 20ths cards are all of characters from Ray Bradbury's classic, "The Halloween Tree"! I watch the cartoon-movie every year; it's narrated by Ray Bradbury and Mr. Moundshroud is voiced by none other than Leonard Nimoy!

Mr. Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud
Tom Skelton