Dreamers of Darkness Sketch-Cards!

Hello again! Here are my finished sketch-cards for the Dreamers of Darkness series - coming soon from SadLittles.com. I'm really stoked with how most of these turned out... let me walk you through who these characters are!

Also, if anyone's interested, I've got 10 Return Cards up for grabs and going fast - only $25.00 each! If anyone's interested, shoot me an email. You're free to request any sort of monster you choose!

First set (Left to right; top to bottom): Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Dr. Frankenstein, Bride of Dracula, The Elephant Man.

Invisible Man, Jack the Ripper, Bloody Mary, Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, Dracula
(Neither the Draculas nor the Frankenstein's Monsters are, in any way, based on the characters from either of the films directed by Francis Ford Coppola or Kenneth Branagh... not at all).

Death/Grim Reaper, Headless Horseman, Zombie, Bogeyman, Zombie, Mummy.

Frankenstein's Monster, Golem, Loch Ness Monster, Bell Witch, Sasquatch, Ginny Greenteeth.
(With regards to the Bell Witch card, I know what it looks like and I swear it was an accident - she is meant to be possessed, not hanging!)

Killer Clown, Springheeled Jack, Succubus, Hunchback/Igor/Mad Scientist, Chupacabra, Ghost
(Again, the pink librarian-looking ghost is, in no way, based on a similar looking character from the first Ghostbusters movie... not at all. Shhh...)


Zombies Vs Cheerleaders Sketch Cards!!!

Here they are, at long last, my finished Zombies Vs Cheerleaders sketch-cards - done for the set that is available now from 5Finity.

Sorry about having to take these down earlier - turns out I wasn't allowed to post them until the set was officially released today (May 15th, 2010). I hope you enjoy my cards and that the true zombie fans out there will pick up on all the little references I've thrown into some of them.

I will have some Return cards available for commission shortly - only $25.00 each! Shoot me an email if you're interested.

Thanks for lookin! Hope ya digs.


Brave Astronaut - THE ALBUM ARRIVED!!!

At long last, the finished album I did the cover art for has finally arrived!!! I'm so excited. Congratulations, Brave Astronaut, on finally getting this done and for allowing me to contribute to the creation of your first album - it's been an honour.
Front cover:
Back (I did all the band members as zombies - it's what they wanted!):
The inside (check out the liner notes!)
All those interested in purchasing a copy: please contact the band at braveastronaut@hotmail.com. I will also have a limited number of copies for sale at my table at FanExpo in Toronto in August. To hear some sample tracks, visit the band on MySpace or ReverbNation.
Hope ya digs!