Rantz Angels Sketch-Cards!

Here they are, ladies and gentlemen - my finished sketch-cards for the Rantz Angels series coming soon from SadLittles! I coloured them all in one night! Hope ya digs.


Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders sketch-cards!

At long lost - afer many hours of forfeited sleep and six seasons of Star Trek: TNG later, all of my Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders sketch-cards are done! I have been informed that, for the time being, I can only post one card - more to come after May 15th when the series is released. For now, enjoy this little gem!


The LAST of the Omega Pages!

It's also been a while since I posted any images from this series - Omega. Before Christmas I was commissioned to create five comic pages. I finished the first three after getting thumbnail layouts from the other contributing artistbut, after those first three pages were completed, the directions stopped coming. I decided I was not going to be "that guy" who gets commissions and doesn't finish the work so, about a month ago, I got up the gumption and finished off these last two pages. I've sent them in and, while I am not sure how they were received, I am satisfied that they are done and I no longer feel as though I am taking advantage of the client. I'll never let myself get behind like that again. Hope ya dig the pages!

More Dauntless Pages!

It's been a while since I posted anything from this series; here are pages 2 and 5 from the comic wip, Dauntless. It took me a few tries -after they said "they need to look like they'll f**king eat you alive, rather than an old photograph of posed natives"- but I finally came up with a design for the "Tentaculo" that the writers were happy with! It's great working with such open, supportive and accommodating people - artistic freedom is a wonderful thing. I'm glad I could bring their vision to life. Hope ya digs!

Drake and Walsingham enter a very old, very secret library: