It's July 31st, 2010 - I can finally post these, yaay!!! Here are the [approved] cards I did for the MixTape set from 5Finity - headed up by the one-and-only Jim Mahfood. I'm really stoked with how these cards turned out, I hope ya dig 'em. 


Aalya's ZvC Return Card Commissions!

Here are two more Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders return cards I just finished up for a friend out in Ottawa. If they look a little familiar it's because she requested two designs I did for cards from the original set (a little bit different, of course). The "He loves me for my brain" card has been altered to make the female character look like the client. Hope ya digs!


Zombies Vs Cheerleaders Return Commission

Here's the latest Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders Return card I just finished up. I was originally asked if I could draw Ash from the end of Army of Darkness blowing away a ghoul; I said that would not be possible as it could be copywrite infringement, but what I could do was draw a cheerleader in a similar uniform blowing away a zombie. Turns out, that was just as good! Hope ya digs.

Dreamers of Darkness Return Commissions - Jacob Marley, Krampus, Sexy She-Devil

Check it out - here are some newly finished Dreamers of Darkness return cards! They were done for the same person that requested the Yeti and the Mothman. This time he requested Jacob Marley, a Krampus, and a Sexy She-Devil. I'm pretty stoked with how they turned out. Hope ya digs!

Interesting side note: A Krampus is actually a creature from Eastern European folklore who accompanies Santa Clause! Apparantly he usually goes around at the beginning of December to scare naughty children into being good. If they're still naughty by Christmastime, he takes the children to Hell in his basket. Eastern European folklore is awesome! =)



For a larf, once I'd shot up my zombie cards, I decided I'd like to try shooting an apple. Had I shot a regular apple, it would have been something of a waste, so I carved a zombie face into it first. The zombapple is not for sale; it's currently rotting away in a wheat field. It's dead it's... it's all messed up.


PSCs - Zombie Headshots - Post Bullets

Here they are - all shot up! If anyone is interested, drop me a line; they're going for $30.00 each and there're only TWO LEFT!!!

PSCs - Zombie Headshots (Pre-Bullets)

Last week I decided to finally check out Tony Moore's website (I'm a huge Walking Dead fan), and I noticed his most recent post was a set of sketch-cards he did for charity. They were zombie headshots that Tony had literally shot and auctioned off. I thought to myself, "I could do that!", and I did! This past weekend, my finacee and I went down to her parents place and, while we were there, I used her dad's .22 calibur rifle to fire ten shots into each of my own zombie headshot cards. Here they are, pre-bullet holes; finished sketches and then bloodied up (red food colouring). Hope ya digs!