Pesci for Wynn!

The last card for Wynn Ryder - Joe Pesci from Casino (or Goodfellas). Hope ya digs!


Lionel for Wynn!

Here's PSC 4 of 5 for Wynn - Lionel from Dead Alive. Hope ya digs!

Snowbird for David!

Here's the last of the four PSCs for David - he requested Marvel's "Snowbird." Hope ya digs!


Quick Pin-Up for Wynn

The great Wynn Ryder has a comic coming out soon! I did a really quick pin-up for it - I think it's crap but Wynn really seemed to like it, so I'm posting it. Click on the image to enlarge. Check out Wynn's blog here: Wynn Ryder!


PSCs for the Wynn!

Here are the first three of five PSCs done for a trade with the great Wynn Ryder. We've got Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction, Sgt. Donny Donowitz from Inglorious Basterds, and James Bond. Hope ya digs!


Hack/Slash Preview Card!

Here's my preview card for the Hack/Slash series coming soon from 5Finity. I did twenty-four cards for this set and I'm actually happy with all of them! I will only be getting THREE (3) return cards - they will be $66.00 each. Drop me a line if interested. Hope ya digs!


Hack / Slash Doodles

I was bored at work today so I doodled a bunch of Hack/Slash crap.

ON THE COVER OF ZvC - Issue 2!!!

Another dream come true! My work is on the cover of a comic book - Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders issue no. 2, coming soom from 5Finity / Moonstone!!! The original linework is mine, the colours are by the amazing and incredibly talented Carla Rodrigues. Words can't quite express how stoked I am right now.

Sketch Card Commissions for David!

Here are three sketch-card commissions requested by David - one Dreamers of Darkness return, one Rantz Angels return and one PSC. The DoD return is a Sasquatch; the PSC is Marvel's "Gravity."

Sketch Card Commissions for Chris!

Here are four more sketch card commissions for Chris - he requested one Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders return, my one (and only!) Golden Age of Superheroes return, and two Dreamers of Darkness returns. With the ZvC return, Christ wanted a kung-fu Catholic priest kicking a 50's greaser zombie in the face, a-la Dead Alive. I explained I couldn't do that as it would violate copywrite, but I suggested instead a sexy cheerleader nun kicking a 50's greaser zombie in the face.The Dreamers of Darkness cards are Dr. Caligari and The Somnambulist from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.


Interview with TGT Web Comics - FanExpo 2010!

Check it out! Here's the interview Kurt Sasso of TGT WebComics did with me at FanExpo 2010! Awesome dude - can't thank him enough for giving us the spot. Check out Lance's video HERE!


My Interview on ComicBookDaily!

I almost forgot! On August 26th I did an interview with Pete DeCourcey of ComicBookDaily.com to get some exposure before FanExpo 2010! Click on the image below to check out the interview!


Dark Avengers - My Variant Sketch-Cover

Lance left me an extra copy of the blank variant of Dark Avengers No.1. Here's what I drew on it - the Dark Avengers Ms. Marvel. My good buddy Adam at Heroic Dreams comic shop in Pickering is now the proud owner of this one.

FanExpo 2010!!!

Well, I'm back from FanExpo and, I have to say, it was absolutely amazing - a totally life-changing experience, I cannot wait to go back again next year. Dreadful sold out completely; Saints & Warlords sold about 30 copies and I even sold some sketch-cards! I met a ton of ridiculously cool celebrities, all of whom were incredibly friendly and lovely to talk to. Here are a few highlights.

That's our table there by that pillar (click on image to enlarge)
Lance and I - WE'RE AT FANEXPO!!!
Lance and I hard at work at our table.
Sweet Jesus, Barry Mercer was RIGHT! WE FOUND MERMAIDS!!!
Lance with Gregg Taylor - voice of the Red Panda!
Lance and I with the first person to buy a copy of Dreadful!
The first guy to buy all three books!
My cousin James and his girlfriend, Melissa stopped by - AND BOUGHT OUR BOOKS!
Even Cat Woman bought a copy of Dreadful!
The dude at the table next to us commissioned a Harley Quinn sketch card from me.
I drew a sketch card of Lance Henriksen as Bishop from Aliens. My buddy Sean bought it and LANCE HENRIKSEN SIGNED IT!!!
Oh, did I mention? Lance Henriksen STOPPED BY OUR TABLE!!! Nicest guy in the world by far.
Me with Heather Langenkamp (Nancy from the original Nightmare on Elm Street) and the sketch card I did for her.
Kaylie McDougal stopped by my booth - and bought a copy of Dreadful!!!
Lance and I with J.Bone - creator of Bone. I'm not sure why I'm standing like that.
Two Clone Wars PSCs I did for a guy in the last hour of the con.


CBC Points North Interview - August 23rd, 2010

Check it out! I managed to score an interview on CBC's Points North with Barry Mercer on August 23rd, 2010 to talk about "something called 'FanExpo'" and how I'm going to it! I've no idea where Mr. Mercer got the idea that there would be mermaids...  Lance, I said more about you but they edited it out. Special thanks goes to my uncle for recording this off the net.