Lionel for Wynn!

Here's PSC 4 of 5 for Wynn - Lionel from Dead Alive. Hope ya digs!


Wynn Ryder said...

OH HELL YEAH! loving the blood :D

patrick said...


been checking out your work and ive been digging your style.

i thought that id invite you to participate in an artist community blog thingy that is basically a laid back uncensored post as often as you feel is warrented place to document moments fo experiences you have had that day be they mundane innane or beautiful.

its called this day in real life.

the url is

if you decide to check it out and then feel like its something that you wourl like to, or have time to occaisionally contribute to email me at 52fridays@gmail.com and ill add you to the list.

and if nothing else its another link to your work.

hope to hear from you.

either way nice linework.