FanExpo 2010!!!

Well, I'm back from FanExpo and, I have to say, it was absolutely amazing - a totally life-changing experience, I cannot wait to go back again next year. Dreadful sold out completely; Saints & Warlords sold about 30 copies and I even sold some sketch-cards! I met a ton of ridiculously cool celebrities, all of whom were incredibly friendly and lovely to talk to. Here are a few highlights.

That's our table there by that pillar (click on image to enlarge)
Lance and I - WE'RE AT FANEXPO!!!
Lance and I hard at work at our table.
Sweet Jesus, Barry Mercer was RIGHT! WE FOUND MERMAIDS!!!
Lance with Gregg Taylor - voice of the Red Panda!
Lance and I with the first person to buy a copy of Dreadful!
The first guy to buy all three books!
My cousin James and his girlfriend, Melissa stopped by - AND BOUGHT OUR BOOKS!
Even Cat Woman bought a copy of Dreadful!
The dude at the table next to us commissioned a Harley Quinn sketch card from me.
I drew a sketch card of Lance Henriksen as Bishop from Aliens. My buddy Sean bought it and LANCE HENRIKSEN SIGNED IT!!!
Oh, did I mention? Lance Henriksen STOPPED BY OUR TABLE!!! Nicest guy in the world by far.
Me with Heather Langenkamp (Nancy from the original Nightmare on Elm Street) and the sketch card I did for her.
Kaylie McDougal stopped by my booth - and bought a copy of Dreadful!!!
Lance and I with J.Bone - creator of Bone. I'm not sure why I'm standing like that.
Two Clone Wars PSCs I did for a guy in the last hour of the con.

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