Galaxgals: Eradication

Here are the sketch-cards I did for the Galaxgals: Eradication set - out now from 5FINITY. I'm pretty stoked with how these cards turned out; I hope you dig 'em. I do not currently have any Artist Proofs available (they have not yet arrived in the mail) but, as soon as they show up I shall let you all know.


Project Superpowers

Here are the finished sketch-cards I did for the Project Superpowers set - out now from Breygent Marketing. I'm actually pretty happy with how [most of] these turned out! I've got ONE (1) blank Artist Proof card available for commission - email me if interested: slatermark33(at)hotmail(dot)com. Hope ya digs!


Highest on eBay so far!

Coming to you now from the "holy shit!" and "that was fast" files is this: one of my Vampirella sketch cards going for -what I believe is- the highest price a card of mine ever has on eBay! Today (Friday) is also the first day after the set went live, so it seems the seller really didn't waste any time in his/her attempt to cash in. On the other hand, another Vampirella card of mine is going for $0.99 so I guess it all depends on who likes what. Just thought it was nifty and that I'd share.

Vampirella Sketch Cards

Behold - the thirty-one (31) original sketch-cards I created for the Vampirella set, out now from Breygent Marketing. I currently have FIVE (5) blank Artist Proof cards available for commission - they are fifty dollars ($50.00) each +shipping. If interested, email slatermark33(at)hotmail(dot)com. I should note, just so that I'm not accused of pulling a Granito, that I based all of my designs for these cards on original Vampirella comic book covers (I used the references supplied to me by Breygent). Hope ya digs!


Melodie - She Could Just Eat You Up

It's zombie Melodie! Ain't she sweet? She could just eat you up! Zombie portrait commission a mother requested of her two-year old daughter. I've never zombified a kid before - frankly I don't see the problem.