Stephanie & Tim - Zombies in Love

My last commission of the year - a zombie portrait for a dude in Burbank, California. The zombies you see are his daughter and her fiancee. For my last commission of the year I'm stoked that he loves it. I really hope his daughter loves it too. And that you love it! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
On a personal side note, I'm pretty happy to announce that I have surpassed my record for posts in a year with 99! My previous best was in 2006 when I started this blog, with 98. Here to 100 in 2011! w00t!

Monsters Freaks & Zombies Preview

Here are eight of my favourites of the fifty-five cards I created for the Monsters Freaks & Zombies set, coming soon from the, UK -based company, "Cult Stuff." Check out their website here. I was stoked to work on this set - I actually got to draw boobies on sketch-cards! Hope ya digs!


Family Christmas Photos (Photo-Bomb!!)

Just finished up Christmas dinner in Bracebridge - everyone got together for a family photo. Naturally, after a few nice ones were taken, my cousin and I decided it was time to bomb a couple. Notice: my cousin, the amputee (not really) in the second picture, and me putting my "Ask Me About My Zombie T-Shirt" to good use in the third picture. Merry Christmas! Enjoy.

Dipper (Christmas Gift)

Every year my family (all fifteen of us) do a gift exchange; this year, I got my cousin, Monica. She currently owns a horse named Dipper but, as she is looking to go back to school, it appears as though she may have to sell Dipper in order to pay tuition. That news was rumored back in October at Thanksgiving and, since I drew Monica for Christmas this year, I thought it might be nice for her if I did a special painting of Dipper; something she could remember him by, as it were. This is what came out: it is watercolour and ink on 11x14 watercolour paper. Hope ya digs!


Star Wars Galaxy 6 Preview

Here are six of the 100 sketch-cards I did for the Star Wars: Galaxy 6 set - coming soon from Topps/Lucasarts. I also did 50 sketch-cards for the retail line coming out through Target. Hope ya digs!


Trust Me, I'm an Un-Dead Jedi

Here's another recent zombie portrait commission - this one's for a local girl's brother. Apparently his favourite shirt reads, "Trust me, I'm a Jedi" - I was asked to include it specifically. The girl absolutely loved the finished work; I can only hope her brother loves it even more. Hope ya digs!


I Don't Think I Posted This Yet...

Back in August I designed this poster for a friend of mine who teaches a class at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. The course is, obviously, The Monstrous Feminist; it examines the roles of women in horror films. I was really excited to be able to create this poster for her.


Headless Horseman

A long over-due commission for a friend - Christopher Walken as the Headless Horseman from Tim Burton's Sleep Hollow. Hope ya digs!


Rise of the Bounty Hunters!!!

Here are the one hundred (100) sketch-cards I did for the Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters series from Topps / Lucasarts. Hope ya digs! Stay tuned for updates on return cards.


Hack/Slash Commission

Here's a Hack/Slash commission of Father Wrath I finished up a couple of weeks ago for my favourite client, Chris Walsh! I still have a bunch of Hack/Slash returns up for grabs, finished and blank. They're only $66.00 each - message me if you're interested!