Dreadful - In-Store Signing!

Forgot to post this awesome little gem - on February 19th, fellow Dreadful artist Lance Sawyer had an in-store signing in California to promote his art and the book! Check out these fliers showcasing Dreadful in an actual comic store window!


Zombie Walk-In (Surprise!)

Most recent Zombies vs Cheerleaders return card commission for Chris - he wanted a zombie walking in on a cheerleader in the locker room. He requested that she be busty (naturally) but "nothing too extreme." I think I successfully managed to (cleverly) cover her bottom naughty-bits with the "ZvC" logo.

Jonathan and His Canine Cadaver

Zombie portrait I just finished up today - a first as I've never included a dog before! This one's for Jonathan; hope he digs it.

War of the Worlds Preview

Here are my eight preview cards - from the 80 I just finished up for the War of the Worlds set, coming soon from Cult-Stuff. I tried something new with these ones - watercolour base with ink over top. I think it worked out pretty well for most of the cards. Lemme know what you think.


Happy Anti-Valentine's Day!

For all you folks who, like my fiancee and I, believe that Valentine's Day is a stupid, commercial-driven holiday designed to sell chocolates, cards and bears nobody really wants, here are two zombies in love. I encourage everyone out there to celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day in much the same way I intend to: pick up some bacon cheeseburgers and watch movies like "Valentine" and "My Bloody Valentine." Enjoy!

I'm Sorry, You'll Have to Go Around...

Let it never be said that ''whoever'' made these is not up to following through on an amusing scheme. Darcy got it straight away saying, "nice work, Calvin" - totally made my night. My favourite is still the one with its arm out to stop people from driving through. (Click on images for better view).


A Heart as Black as Cole's

Most recent zombie portrait commission - this one for a university student by the name of Cole. If anyone else is interested in getting their zombie portrait done on a four-by-six card, the cost is $25 (+shipping).


Zombie Thank You 1

"Thank you" zombie portrait no. 1 - for a friend.

Zombie Thank You 2

"Thank you" zombie portrait no. 2 - for a friend.

Zombie Thank You 3

"Thank you" zombie portrait no. 3 - for a friend.

Zombie Thank You 4

"Thank you" zombie portrait no. 4 - for a friend.


The Missing Link

Here's an illustration I just finished up this week. I was hired out by a local graphic design company to create an illustration for a major mining company's newsletter. They originally wanted a caveman inserting the latch into the rod, but that later changed into a Regular Joe doing the work with the caveman standing in the background holding the outdated parts. Apparently they thought having a caveman doing the work might be insulting; implying that "even a caveman could do the job." I've included my original concept sketch below.