First Wizard World Toronto Comicon Sketch!

Have a gander at this!...
I spent this past weekend (March 26th - 28th, 2009) at the first ever Wizard World Comicon in Toronto with my buddy Ken Wheaton. Ken had a table (he draws for Popeye and The Simpsons) and invited me down to hang out with him! I had a great time and I owe Ken a lot - it was a really nifty experience being on the other side of the table. What I really enjoyed though was this (see image below) - a grade 8 kid walked up to the table and asked Ken, "will you draw me as a Simpsons character?" Ken said, "No, I'm not allowed... but he'll draw you as a zombie!"  The kid looked pretty stoked so I drew him as a zombie. Here is the end result:

Not bad for a 10 minute sketch, if I do say so myself! Fortunately the kid really liked it. Before he left, he also asked Ken and I, "how can I learn to draw like you guys?" The only things Ken and I could think of to say were "I filled twelve sketch books in my five years of high school; never stop drawing." He seemed happy with that. If you see this, I hope you still dig the sketch, dude!

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