Saints & Warlords PAGE XIII

That's right folks - as the first chapter of our story comes to a close, the second chapter begins! On PAGE THIRTEEN, whoo! Finally we can get around to introducing the other gang in our title, the Almighty Warlords - a nasty bunch of beer-swillin', chain-smokin', fight-startin'-and-endin', dirty-mouthed, dirty-minded, dirty denim-covered, rough and ready low-lifes. And to add to that, let's just say that these guys won't be battling werewolves...

As usual, here is this week's preview panel. To see the full page, simply click on the image below.
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Adam Knopf said...

dude. saints and warlords...pretty awesome! I'm glad I stumbled upon this one! keep up the great work!

mark slater said...

Thanks, Adam! Glad you dig it. =D
Make sure and grab yourself a copy when it goes to publication in the new year! And thanks, too, for following my blog - much obliged. =)