Well, I finally saw RAMBO in theatres this past Friday and, I must say, it was pretty freakin' awesome. Despite a brutal and slightly hard-to-take beginning with imagery based very much in reality - the whole genocide in Burma - the rest of the movie kicked ass once Rambo started killing all the bad guys with either very big guns or his trusty very big knife. A great way to round up the series.

I will probably get a lot of flak for this drawing because Rambo appears very forelorn, but I feel that, as often as we want to see our hero characters as the tough-as-nails, guns and glory people they are, throughout all four movies, Rambo IS underneath it all a deeply upset and troubled individual. In this picture, I felt Stallone did an excellent job in getting that message across in the final scenes after the big bloody battle.

I feel the true message of John Rambo is conveyed in this image, coupled with some of his final words in RAMBO III; "I want what everyone else just like me wants. For the people of this country to love me just as much as they love it." As much as war is in his blood, it is not the life his character enjoys it is merely what he does. The John Rambo character is meant to demonstrate the depravity, inhumanity and thanklessness of war and to gear pathos toward the men (and women) who fight for their country and who, consequently, are either shunned for being a part of the action or get no recognition whatsoever for fighting for the causes of good.

Anyway, that's my shpeel. I hope you like the pic. =)

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