The Crazies: a review.

Just got back from seeing this movie and, I have to say, we were VERY let down. Thank god Romero didn't have a hand in this crappy little remake. We decided on the way home: it wasn't lame, it was weak. Very weak. Lame would suggest that it didn't have a good premise; weak means there was no substance (just for clarification). It got really boring after a while and, frankly, all the "scary" parts were in the trailer. It would have been so much better had it kept going with it's opening pace - if Timothy Olymphant (who I enjoy as an actor!) and his family ended up running for their lives from their entire town of infected homicidal people until they were the only ones left, and had the military not ALREADY known about the outbreak, the movie could have had a lot more potential. Why the hell did the [American] military waste all that man-power and resources by shooting and burning everyone when they just NUKED the friggin' town in the end!? Silly movie, wish I hadn't paid to see it. And if she still has a baby after all that, I'll be damned surprised. Another crap-tacular remake. That's my two cents.

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