31 Days of Halloween - October 15th to 30th!!!

31 Days of Halloween continues! Here are the last sixteen cards!!! ALL CARDS ARE 2 for $30!!! All of these cards are currently up for grabs unless marked as sold - $20.00 plus $5.00 for shipping, flat rate. If interested, please email me at slatermark33@hotmail.com, subject heading "[Character Name] Sketch-Card." More on 31 Days of Halloween.

October 18th - Herbert West
October 19th - Chucky
October 20th - Father Merrin
October 21st - Reagan
October 22nd - Dracula

October 24th - Jason Voorhees
October 24th - Leatherface
October 25th - Pumpkinhead
October 26th - Viggo the Carpathian
October 27th - Johnny
October 28th - Frankenstein's Monster
October 29th - Jack Torrence
October 30th - Sam Loomis